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Where am I now?:  Boston MA
Places I Want To Visit:  I'm really aching to visit the Dolomites in the summer and Piemonte in the fall!
Places I Know Really Well:  Italy, Sicily, Sardinia, Malta
Places I have lived:  Boston, Florence Italy, Rome Italy, San Francisco, Sunny Isles Beach
Places I have Visited:  Italy, Sicily, Sardinia, Malta, France, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Great Britain,
Brazil, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Vieques, St, Martin, Mexico, Canada
My Travel Plans:  To return to Europe as soon as I am able to!

Personal Info

My Real Name:  Leo Locke
Gender:  Male
Email Address:  info@donnafranca.com
Personal Website:  www.donnafranca.com
Physical Address:  470 Commonwealth Ave - Boston MA 02215-2705
Telephone #:  617-375-9400
Interests and Hobbies:  Biking, Cooking, Gardening, Gym, Kayaking, Reading, Volunteerism
My Astrological Sign:  Virgo

Employer info

Occupation:  Tour Operator
Employer Name:  Donna Franca Tours
Company Location:  Boston MA
Employer Website:  www.donnafranca.com

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Posted on 08-05-2020  10:27 AM
DFTours I'm Italy, and more! Live the dream with Donna Franca Tours!
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